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Wacky Alien Talent Show 

Come one, come all, to the biggest talent show in the universe!  Annie Banannie, Balloon Storyteller, hosts this zany extraterrestrial talent show where creatures from planets across the galaxy show off their strange talents with balloons, magic, music, and comedy.  And you'll never forget the Giant Balloon Finale!   

Dr. Electric Takes Over the World!

Halloween and Christmas shows

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Storyteller Author Visit

SRP 2019

A mad scientist! A secret island laboratory! A nefarious plot! It's a beautiful sunny day in Southern California when Dr. Electric unleashes his evil invention in the Pacific Ocean...

Get your students excited about reading any time of the year by inviting a local author to your library -- me!  This is my second book, and my third book, Superhero Lunch Box, is scheduled to be out in Spring 2016.  This is the same author visit family night presentation I bring to elementary schools, but for a fraction of the price because you're a Southern CA public library.

Don't worry, it's the same silly balloon storytelling style you've seen from me before, just with an emphasis on creative writing and encouraging your students to write stories of their own.

Here I am in Roswell, NM, doing some out-of-this-world research for the 2019 SRP theme "A Universe of Stories." 

Since there are usually two popular themes in SoCal, I combined this theme with "Showtime at Your Library" to come up with this summer's show.  

Here it is!