The biggest success was seen later that night at our Family Reading Night. We had the largest crowd that night compared to all other events that we’ve had so far this school year. We attribute the large turnout to you!

The kids LOVED your 6-foot balloon, which was definitely the highlight of the day…and night!  We had good book sales that night, which, as you know, we desperately needed to help fund our library. We know that it was because of your assemblies earlier in the day, that the kids begged their parents to bring them at night.

​Renee Collard

Anaverde Hills PTA

Elementary School Programs

There is a lot to LOVE about this program!

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Your principal and teachers will LOVE

  • The solid educational show content and classroom follow-up materials based on Common Core Standards.
  • Reluctant writers who beg to write as a classroom project. 
  • Meeting even more Common Core Standards when their students voluntarily team up with friends to write a story after the show. 

Have the best Book Fair or Read-A-Thon EVER with the most entertaining author visit you've ever had!

Here's a quick video so you can get an idea of "Balloon Theater." 

Highly recommended by Washington Elementary PTA

Your PTA/PTO will LOVE

  • My super simple booking process with extra guidance that helps you get the very most out of your author visit. 
  • The positive feedback from the teachers and students about this unforgettable assembly. 
  • More book fair sales and Read-a-Thon results than they ever imagined. 

Your students will LOVE 

  • Being inspired to read when they know they can read the story again from a book in their school library. 
  • Meeting the author of that book, who happens to live right here in Southern California. 
  • Being empowered to write their own stories using Annie's interactive method of "making stuff up." 

Some performers say they have a reading show, but it turns out to be just a demonstration of their talents.  YOU have a reading show! 

Principal Karen Trejo

Imperial Elementary in Downey, CA